Real-time traffic information

Below you will find current traffic information for Snälltåget in Sweden. For traffic information in Denmark, Germany, and Austria, we refer to the departure boards at the respective stations.

Further down, you will find information about planned traffic disruptions due to track work and your rights in case of a delay exceeding 60 minutes.

Snälltågets connecting bus Karlskrona - Alvesta calls at the following stops:

Karlskrona - the bus departs from Kungsplan.

Ronneby - the bus departs  from stop E.

Karlshamn - the bus departs from the bus stop Karlshamn Centrum Väst, location A, which is located downtown (not the railway station).

Tingsryd - the bus departs from stop E

Växjö - the bus departs from stop X.

Alvesta - the bus departs from stop D, follow the signs for replacement traffic.


Information about train numbers

There are differences in the departure boards and platform signs regarding train numbers.

Train number on ticketTrain number in station
311 Stockholm - Malmö3941
312 Malmö - Stockholm3942
10300 from Germany300 or 306
10300 Malmö - Stockholm3940
10301 Stockholm - Malmö 3943

Malmö → Stockholm C

Train 3942  Invänta spår
Vagnsordning 16-15-14-13-11-12-10
Track 9
17:14   17:36   Avgått
Track 4
17:27   17:48   Avgått
Track 3
17:37   17:58   Avgått
Track 4
18:00   18:24   Avgått
Track 2
18:43   19:08   Avgått
Track 5
19:19   19:44   Avgått
Track 2
20:19   20:36   Avgått
Track 7a
20:48   21:02   Avgått
Södertälje S
Track 6
21:52   22:29   Avgått

Stockholm C → Malmö

Train 3943 
Vagnsordning 9-15, 216-218
Stockholm C
Track 12
16:20   Avgått
Södertälje S
Track 8
16:38   Avgått
Track 1
17:42   Avgått
Track 1
18:08   18:34   Avgått
Track 4
19:06   19:32   Avgått
Track 3b
19:45   20:17   Avgått
Track 3
20:25   20:52   Avgått
Track 5
20:50   21:14   Avgått
Track 2
21:05   21:30   Avgått
Track 10
21:20   21:45   Ankommit

Track and deviations are preliminary and may change.

Planned service changes

Here you will find information about future traffic changes. For ongoing traffic disruptions of more than 30 minutes, we will send an SMS to the mobile number you provided when booking your journey.

New bus stop in Alvesta from 10 December 2023

The easiest way to find the new bus stop is to follow the signs for replacement traffic. Below is a map of the route to the new bus stop.

Train 300 from Berlin on June 2nd

Train 300 has a new departure station at Berlin Gesundbrunnen at 21.08 and doesn't stop at Berlin Hbf.


Track maintenance Lund - Hässleholm on June 1-2 and September 7-8

Trains are diverted and do not stop in Eslöv.

Track maintenance work Malmö Central June 15 --> Malmö Syd Svågertorp

All Snälltåget services will arrive and depart from Malmö Syd Svågertorp.

Track maingenance work in Hamburg July 2nd

Train 300/10300 will depart from Hamburg-Bergedorf at 23.35 (preliminary and could be subject to change) and doesn't stop at Hamburg Hbf.

Track maintenance in Denmark July 13 - 22

Due to track maintenance works on Själland, there will be no railway services from Saturday evening July 13th until Monday morning July 22nd The Snälltåget departures to/from Berlin are cancelled and the following services will be operated instead:

13 July train 305 Malmö - Hamburg - München Ost - Salzburg - Innsbruck

14 July train 304 Innsbruck - Salzburg - München Ost - Hamburg - Odense with replacement bus to Malmö.

18 July train 305 Odense - Hamburg - München Ost - Salzburg - Innsbruck with a replacement bus from Malmö.

21 July train 304 Innsbruck - Salzburg - München Ost - Hamburg - Malmö

Track maintenance work Hässleholm - Älmhult and August 24-25

Snälltåget are rerouted over Gothenbourg and and goes directly from Lund to Södertälje Syd. The train will make a short stop in Göteborg Mölndal on May 25-26 and Göteborg Central on August 24-25.

My train is delayed – what are my rights?

Your rights when your train is expected to arrive more than 60 minutes late at the final station

  • You can cancel your journey and receive a refund for the part you have not traveled. To receive a refund, you must cancel your trip before the train's new scheduled departure time.*
  • You can choose to be rebooked to another departure with Snälltåget, currently, you must contact Customer Service for this.
  • You can continue your journey and then have the right to compensation in case of delay, unless the delay is due to a third party's behavior, such as person-hit incidents, people on the tracks, or extraordinary circumstances, for example, severe weather conditions that Snälltåget cannot influence.

*A night train can make up time during the night, so for the night train to be considered late to the final station, a delay of more than 180 minutes at departure is required. It is the timetable on the latest ticket that should be compared with the current delay.

I want to cancel my journey

To cancel your journey, go to Enter your booking number and email address and press "Search" to find your booking. In the booking details, press "Cancel".

I want to continue my journey and apply for compensation

If you have traveled with Snälltåget and the train was more than 60 minutes delayed upon arrival, you can apply for compensation according to EC 782/2021 Article 17. To apply for compensation, go to Enter your booking number and email address and press "Search" to access your booking. In the booking details, click on "Delayed?" which will only be visible after the last train in your booking has arrived.

We do not compensate for additional expenses, lost work income, or pain and suffering.