Have a seat at the table!

The food is half the journey onboard Snälltåget – sit down at the table in a classic environment and watch the landscape pass you by while enjoying a nice meal, made with quality ingredients. Enjoy coffee or a snack, have a fresh salad or order a tasty, classic meal and something to drink!

In our restaurant coach "Krogen" we now offer two options:

Book a table and be served a tasty main dish from Tareq Taylor and Maten é klar or enjoy or breakfast offer? Breakfast is served until 11.00 and then we start servering lunch, beer, wine and spirits. 

Bring to your seat - self-service check-out - Here you will find coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, sandwiches, salads, snacks or candy. You scan it yourself and pay with Visa or MasterCard, and then bring it with you to your seat.


Meny Krogen - if you have booked a table

In our restaurant we serve hot meals on reusable plates and cutlery, and you can therefore not bring hot meals with you to your seat in the train. This way you get a better taste experience, and we make your meal more environmentally friendly by saving on unnecessary disposable material. 

Book a table in advance to help keep the distance to eachother and avoid unnecessary queues. 

Download our menu in PDF for more information about allergens and carbon footprint.

Carrot and feta cheese patties with tzatziki, pickled onions and potatoes (vegetarian)119 SEK
Tikka Masala (vegan)119 SEK
Creamy Chicken gratin with pasta129 SEK
Salisbury steak served with a creamy tarrragon pepper sauce, potato wedges, raw lingonberries and pickled cucumberries129 SEK
For children: Meatballs with cream sauce, lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes65 SEK
Caesarsallad with chicken and bacon109 SEK
Classic Shrimp sandwich129 SEK
Dessert: Panncakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream45 SEK
Dessert: Chocolate mud cake with whipped cream35 SEK

Beer, Wine & Spririts

Only served in The Pub, and can not be brought to your seat in the train. 
Book a table in advance to help keep the distance to eachother and avoid unnecessary queues. 

Spaten München, 50 cl79 SEK
Sibbarps, 50 cl (local from Malmö)79 SEK
Stella Artois, 33 cl65 SEK
Fransiskaner Weissbier, 50 cl79 SEK
Goose IPA, 33 cl65 SEK
Cava Brut Reserva, 1/2 bottle, 37,5 cl130 SEK
Ventoux Rosé "La Vieille Ferme", 1/2 bottle, 37,5 cl120 SEK
Riesling ”Hans Baer” Glass/Bottle75 SEK/275 SEK
Montepulciano ”Montipagano d´Abruzzo” Glass/Bottle75 SEK/275 SEK


Buy them at our self-service checkout and bring with you to your seat in the train.

Sandwich with cheese, peppers and sallad39 SEK
Sandwich wegan39 SEK
Baguette with chicken curry65 SEK
Club Sandwich75 SEk
Club Sandwich vegetarian65 SEK
Wrap Avokado79 SEK
Chicken wrap 89 SEK

Cold drinks

Buy them at our self-service checkout and bring with you to your seat in the train. (These are also served along with our hot meals in our restaurant)

Coca Cola25 SEK
Coca Cola Zero25 SEK
Fanta 33 cl25 SEK
Still water 50 cl 25 SEK
Sparkling water 50 cl 25 SEK
Pucko chocolate milk 20 cl 25 SEK
Level Organic lemonade 33 cl25 SEK
Apple cider25 SEK
Sibbarp Folklager 3,5% (from 18 year)35 SEK
Stella Artois, non-alcoholic35 SEK


The Pub Compartment Berlin - Malmö

You can pay with cash or credit card. It's also possible to pay in EUR (price is SEK/10=EUR)

Coffee30 SEK
Tea30 SEK
Coca Cola 33 cl25 SEK
Fanta 33 cl25 SEK
Sparkling water 50 cl 25 SEK
Spaten Munchen 50 cl80 SEK
Löwenbräu 50 cl50 SEK
Wine 18,75 cl70 SEK
Breakfast 80 SEK
Cheese sandwich40 SEK
Club Sandwich60 or 70 SEK
Potato Chips20 SEK
Nut mixture30 SEK
Beer sausage 25 SEK
Ahlgrens cars25 SEK
Cinnamon roll25 SEK
Deck30 SEK
Yatzy30 SEK
Train quiz (Swedish)80 SEK
FFP2 mask30 SEK