Snälltåget to a roadless landscape!

Our night trains take you all the way to a roadless landscape and ski touring possibilities. Board the train in the afternoon or evening, relax in your compartment and enjoy a nice dinner in our restaurant Krogen. You wake up rested the day after, enjoy breakfast onboard and are ready for your day in the winter wonderland.

Departures, stations and transfer

Snälltåget departs from Malmö on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon/evening, calling at Lund, Hässleholm, Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm and Uppsala and arriving in Jämtland the next morning. 

Click here to view the timetable for the train.

If you are going to Edsåsdalen or Vålådalen mountain lodge, there is a bus service from Undersåker.

February 11th 2022 until April 30th 2023, you can travel with us to Enafors and Storlien. If you are headed to the Jämtland Triangle, Storulvån is the most common starting point. You get off the train in Enafors and from there we have a bus service to Storulvån between February 18th until April 24th, connecting directly to the train.

Our journeys back from the mountains departs Thursday and Sunday afternoon, with a connecting bus service from Edsåsdalen, Storulvån and Vålådalen. The train reaches Stockholm just before midnight and arrives in Malmö the following morning.

How do I travel with the night train to Jämtland?

Boarding the night train is the start of your adventure. You can choose between different comfort levels, but if you travel together, you will have the best experience if you book a Private Compartment. During the evening you can socialise, play games or visit our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub").


Seat – the most affordable option

You have a seat reserved in a coach or inside a compartment for six people.

Recliner Seat – for solo travellers

You travel in a comfortable chair that is wider than a regular Seat and there are fewer booked seats in the coach for better comfort. A pillow, pillowcase, blanket and a sheet is included in the price.

Private Compartment – if you travel together

You have a private compartment for you or your company of up to six people. When you board, the compartment is in seat mode and when it is time for bed, you turn the seats into berths. In night mode, there are three berths on each side of the compartment and you can reach the upper berths with a ladder. Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets and duvets for making the bed, are included in the price.

Private Compartment is available for night time travellers.

Due to the consequences of the Corona virus, we no longer offer single berths in a compartments and instead we offer Recliner Seat or Private Compartment. Passengers who booked single berths are offered the switch to a Recliner Seat or an upgrade to a Private Compartment for a fee.

Private Compartment Comfort – for extra comfort

Same compartment as the Private Compartment, but where the compartment is in night mode when you arrive an you can go to bed right away. In the morning, breakfast in the restaurant is included.

Private Compartment Comfort is available between Stockholm and Åre.


There are two toilets at the end of each coach, no matter the comfort level.


There is Wi-Fi in all coaches except for our restaurant. Keep in mind that it is much slower than an at home network. Make sure you download any movies you want to watch, before boarding the train.

Det finns Wi-Fi i alla vagnar utom vår restaurangvagn. Tänk på att det är mycket långsammare än ett hemnätverk. Ladda ner filmer du vill titta på innan du stiger ombord.

Power outlets

All our coaches have power outlets. They are placed on the wall, but there is not enough outlets for each passenger. The effect of the electrical outlet is limited which means that they are made for charging for example your phone or computer. Some coaches only have USB outlets.

Can I bring a pet on the night train?

You can bring a pet if you book the comfort level Seat, just make sure to choose "Animals allowed" when you book the tickets. We also have private compartments where pets are allowed – contact Snälltåget Customer Service at to book these.

Is there a restaurant on board?

Enjoying a nice meal in our restaurant on your way to your skiing holiday is a must. Visiting our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub") is popular and therefore we have a reservation system. You will receive more information about the menu and how to reserv a table before departure.

What about luggage and skiing equipment?

You can bring the following luggage on board:

  • one hand luggage maximum 55x40x23 cm and
  • one hand luggage maximum 80x50x35 cm and
  • a smaller personal item, for example a purse.

You can place the luggage in your compartment or in one of the luggage compartments in the vestibules of each coach. Snälltåget does not take responsibility for luggage in the vestibules.

In the trains 3900/3901, we also offer a check-in service for bigger items such as bigger suitcases, skis, sledges and strollers at the cost of 50 SEK per item.

Can I rebook my journey or get a refund?

If you travel in Private Compartment or Private Compartment Comfort, you can rebook your journey up to seven days before departure. You only pay the booking fee of 79 SEK when rebooking. If your tickets are in the price class Seat or Recliner Seat you can rebook your tickets up to 24 hours before departure, for a fee of 9 SEK per person.

You can also pay extra to make your tickets refundable (you get your money back, minus the booking fee). Refundable tickets for Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort can not be bought if your journey is in less than seven days. Refundable tickets for price class Seat and Recliner Seat can not be bought if your journey is within 24 hours.

In case of later cancellations or rebookings, you will lose the entire ticket price.

Storulvån and the Jämtland Triangle

Storulvån is at the end of the road in the middle of the mountains, a safe and cosy place that is the starting point of the Jämtland Triangle. The first night you stay in Storulvån, the next night at Blåhammaren and the third night at Sylarna. Make sure you take an extra outing by Sylarna and enjoy the stunning mountains around you, by adding an extra night at both Sylarna and Storulvån.

The Swedish Tourist Association has more information about the Jämtland Triangle and how to take on the adventure, by yourself or with a guide.

For the advanced cross-country skier, skiing the Jämtland Trail might pique your interest: Storulvån–Sylarna–Helags–Ramundberget. We have connections to and from Ramundberget each Sunday.

Vålådalen and the Vålådal Square

Vålådalen is a historic gem in the middle of the mountains, with all the possibilities that it brings for ski touring and adventure in the wild. The ski trails are world class, where both professional and moderate skiers enjoy the unique environment. A gymnasium and a slalom slope compliments the area. After active days, you find relaxation in the saunas and hot tubs under the stars before going to dinner at Olgas Matsal, well known for their delicious food. Snälltåget takes care of the journey with train and bus transfer to and from Vålådalen. Book your tickets to Vålådalen Västra at Snälltå

Read more about accommodations and activities at

Vålådalen is also the starting pint if you want to go on an adventure skiing the Vålådalsfyrkanten ("The Vålådal Sqaure"). If you need more brekfast, supplies och need to rent skis, Vålådalens Fjällstation got you covered, before beginning your adventure towards Lunndörrens mountain lodge. The expedition is divided into four days, with overnight stays Lunndörren, Vålåstugorna and Stensdalen. A stay Sunday–Thursday during the later part of the season (March or April) is the best bet.

Storlien – something for everybody

This classic ski destination, close to the Norwegian border, offers both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing possibilities towards Blåhammarens Fjällstation. There are a lot of accommodation options. In the middle of the village, by the railway station, you will find LeSke and Storlien Apartments. Three kilometers outside of Storlien there is STF Fjällgården, beautifully located at the foothills of the mountain with a wonderful view towards Blåhammaren and Snasamassivet. In waking distance from the railway station, you will find Fjäll-lien at the foot of the slalom piste.

Accommodation at LeSkiStorlien ApartmentsFjäll-lien and Fjällgården


Are you longing for a serene stay in nature? Edsåsdalen is the place for you. In Edsåsdalen, you will find a variety of skiing possibilities with a smaller system of lifts for apline skiing, as well as skiing trails for cross-country skiing excursions. Snälltåget takes care of transport all the way, with train to Undersåker and then a a bus service from and to Undersåker. Book the whole journey including bus to and from Edsåsdalen at Snälltå

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