Snälltåget to Åre

Our night trains take you all the way to one of the world's best skiing destinations! Board the train in the afternoon or evening, relax in your compartment and enjoy a nice dinner in our restaurant Krogen. You wake up rested the day after, enjoy breakfast onboard and are ready for your day at the slopes.

Booking for the winter season 2024/25 will open in June 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter for information when tickets are available (the newsletter is in Swedish).


Departures and stations

Snälltåget departs from Malmö on Wednesday and Saturday in the afternoon/evening, with stops Lund, Hässleholm, Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping, Norrköping, Stockholm, and Uppsala, and arrives in Åre the following morning. We operate during the period from December 20, 2024, to April 27, 2025. Click here to view the train's timetable.

Our return trips from Åre depart on Thursday and Sunday afternoons. The train arrives in Uppsala and Stockholm shortly before midnight, makes the same stops as it did heading north during the night, and reaches Malmö the following morning.

On Fridays from December 20, 2023, to March 29, 2025, we take you from Malmö to Åre for the Saturday accommodation turnover in Åre. The return journey takes place on Saturday evening, and the train arrives in southern Sweden on Sunday morning, passing through Malmö, Lund, Hässleholm, Alvesta, Nässjö, Linköping, and Norrköping.

How do I travel with the night train to Åre?

Boarding the night train is the start of your adventure. You can choose between different comfort levels, but if you travel together, you will have the best experience if you book a Private Compartment. During the evening you can socialise, play games or visit our restaurant Krogen ("The Pub").


Seat – the most affordable option

You have a seat reserved in a coach or inside a compartment for six people.

Seat 1st Class – for solo travellers

You travel in a comfortable chair that is wider than a regular Seat. A pillow, pillowcase, blanket and a sheet is included in the price.

Private Compartment – if you travel together

You have a private compartment for you or your company of up to six people. When you board, the compartment is in seat mode and when it is time for bed, you turn the seats into berths. In night mode, there are three berths on each side of the compartment and you can reach the upper berths with a ladder. Pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets and duvets for making the bed, are included in the price.

Private Compartment is available for night time travellers.

Private Compartment Comfort – for extra comfort

Same compartment as the Private Compartment, but where the compartment is in night mode when you arrive an you can go to bed right away. In the morning, breakfast in the restaurant is included.

Private Compartment Comfort is available between Stockholm and Åre.



There are two toilets at the end of each coach, no matter the comfort level.


There is Wi-Fi in all coaches except for our restaurant. Keep in mind that it is much slower than an at home network. Make sure you download any movies you want to watch, before boarding the train.

Power outlets

All our coaches have power outlets. They are placed on the wall, but there is not enough outlets for each passenger. The effect of the electrical outlet is limited which means that they are made for charging for example your phone or computer. Some coaches only have USB outlets.

Can I bring a pet on the night train?

You can bring pets in Seating and Private Compartment. Choose 'Pets allowed' in the booking.

Is there a restaurant on board?

Enjoying something tasty in our dining car is an essential part of the mountain holiday. Visiting our restaurant on rails, "Krogen", is popular, so we offer table reservations.

Should I pre-book breakfast?

Start your day with breakfast in our restaurant "Krogen" or grab a breakfast bag for your compartment.

The breakfast bag includes a cheese sandwich, fruit, juice, and a hot drink (coffee, hot chocolate, or tea).

Breakfast in "Krogen" means enjoying your own cheese roll on tableware, reducing single-use items, and allowing for a more environmentally friendly breakfast experience.

Pre-book breakfast to ensure availability! It sets you up for a better start to the day, prevents us from running out of breakfast, or, worst case, wasting food.

The breakfast costs 89 SEK.

What about luggage and skiing equipment?

You can bring a carry-on with dimensions of 55x45x25 cm.

If you're traveling in a Shared Compartment or Seating, you'll need to check in your skis if you're on train 3900/3901.

On trains 3900/3901, there's a luggage wagon where you can check in larger items such as big suitcases, sleds, strollers, and skis. The cost for checking in skis and luggage will be 100 SEK per item per journey on domestic routes.

Booking a Private Compartment allows for more baggage. If you have empty seats in the compartment, you can use one of the beds for luggage storage. Keep in mind that space in the compartment is limited—pack in several smaller, adaptable bags and backpacks rather than one large and heavy suitcase. Read more in our terms and conditions, points 4 and 5.

Can I cancel or rebook my journey?

Tickets can be rebooked. The ticket can also be made refundable for a fee.

If your purchase a ticket where the departure is within 24 hours (or within seven days for a Private Compartment), it cannot be refunded or rebooked.

The following rules apply for both rebookable and refundable tickets:

  • Seat and 1st Class must be cancelled at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Private Compartment and Private Compartment Comfort must be cancelled at least seven days before departure.

The booking fee (9-79 SEK per ticket) is not refunded and is not part of the travel voucher for rebookable tickets.

In case of later cancellation or rebooking, the ticket price is not refunded. Check the terms of your home or travel insurance as well as the travel insurance that applies when you pay with Visa or MasterCard.

Åre – one of the world's best skiing destinations

It is not just us saying that. Åre has been named one of the world's best skiing destinations and several international travel magazines – again and again! Here you will find several slopes, ski lifts and pistes where several World Cups have taken place.

Are you looking for an eventful skiing holiday? In Åre, you'll discover a mountain village packed with restaurants, shopping, bars, and vibrant city life. Åre village offers both nightlife and proximity to several ski slopes; many accommodations are within walking distance from lifts, slopes, and other entertainment. Åre is known as the village that never sleeps, and we can almost guarantee that you'll never be bored here.

For families looking to avoid the city life, there are the areas Åre Björnen and Duved. There you can find family friendly accommodations with access to all skiing activities. That makes Åre perfect both for adventurers, avid after-ski goers and families with small children.

The skiing area is divided into high zone, above the tree line, and low zones, under the tree line. In the low zone, you will find several challenging red and black pistes that you may know from the Alpine Ski World Cup. The high zone is accesible by gondola, and here you can also find green and blue slopes.  Additionally, you're never far from a cozy slope-side restaurant in Åre. In Åre, you'll also find all the equipment you need for skiing. You can both rent equipment and purchase what you lack.

If you enjoy winter adventures and skiing, you'll love Åre—it's as simple as that.

Package deals with train, accommodation and SkiPass is purchased through SkiStar

You can also book accommodations in Åre directly through AGO Mitt i Åre, Buustamons Fjällgård, Copperhill, Fjällgården, Holiday Club, and Åregården.